EC Beauty Studio & Spa :: Erica Cerpa, Owner

Erica Cerpa, owner at EC Beauty Studio, has over 15 years of experience in skincare. As an adolescent, Erica suffered from inflammation & blackheads on a birthmark she has on her cheek. After visiting several dermatologists with no improvements, Erica decided to learn how to treat it herself, thus her passion for improving the skin was born. In that time she worked alongside some of New York City’s top plastic surgeons and as a skincare brand educator. Erica opened EC Beauty Studio in 2007 and in the ten years that followed has gained a loyal clientele that trust Erica with their skin. Erica’s goals are to help clients improve their skin & slow the aging process, while also guiding them on products they should use at home in order for them to see the best results possible.

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