this month's specials

November Micropeels with an Oxygen Blast

Reverse the signs of aging and eliminate acne scars and unwanted pigment by booking this mini series of 3 micropeels with an oxygen blast. Each treatment includes a microdermabrasion, peel and oxygen blast at the end.

$630 ($75 savings)

November Vitamin C Facial with Ultrasonic Scrubber and Eye Treatment

This facial is created to lighten, moisturize and firm your skin to improve elasticity and a more balanced skin tone. It includes an ultrasonic cleansing for deeper penetration and an eye treatment. $195 ($75 savings)

November 30 minute Thermoclear Treatment

Treat broken capillaries and sun spots or remove milia or skin tags with this quick low frequency energy treatment that has no downtime.

$175 ($25 savings)