Focus On: The Vampire Facial

You've heard the name, you've seen the pictures, but do you know what it does? No question, the Vampire Facial is one of the trendiest fads in recent skincare, and its benefits certainly make it clear why.

The Vampire Facial's roots go back to the 70's, when doctors began to study and understand the benefits of human blood's Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP). Though it did not really gain more popularity until the 90's, this miracle treatment has done more than just make waves in the beauty industry, it has helped improve and change lives in it's use with those who suffer from alopecia, heal wounds, cure tendon and muscle pain, improve osteoarthritis symptoms, and more. Amazingly, these treatments use your own blood platelets to help your body heal and regenerate. No chemicals, no medications, no foreign substances-just your very own plasma.

In skincare, the benefits are unparalleled. Because of PRP's skills in regeneration, the treatment helps rebuild old tissue and, of course, this means a serious boost in collagen production. Blood is taken from the patient and immediately put in a centrifuge. This machine separates the plasma from the red blood cells, the platelets are activated and then injected into the skin on areas of concern. Perfect for beauty junkies who advanced in the world of innovative cosmetic procedures , and those who don't want fillers but do want an improvement in their skin's condition.

Don't let the word "collagen" trick you into thinking this treatment can only be used for anti-aging purposes. In fact, the Vampire Facial does amazing things in the improvement of stubborn and hard-to-fix acne scarring. Deep scars can be tricky to improve and PRP has been a game changer for those worried they would go through life with uneven texture due to breakouts as a teen.

EC Beauty Studio is so excited to finally be offering this in-demand treatment to our clientele! Because PRP can really be used anywhere on the body, we are are offering not only just the signature Vampire Facial, but also a tightening Neck & Chest Treatment. The treatment is nearly painless, and a numbing cream is always applied beforehand. Clients can expect a "sunburn" like look for the day following the treatment but skin usually returns to normal within 2-5 days. This treatment is best in a series but results can certainly be seen after the first treatment. We are confident our EC Beauties will love this treatment when they see their skin glowing and looking better than ever before!

Vampire Facial $780

Decollete/Neck Treatment $680

Erica Cerpa