summer to fall: updating your skincare routine

Cool crisp air, chilly mornings, shorter days- whether you are sad to see the summer on its way or the Queen of Pumpkin Spice, fall is finally here. Most of us have the ritual of turning over our wardrobes. It's time to retire crop tops and sandals and break out the baggy sweaters and booties! But did you know you should also be trading out your skincare? The change of weather means that your skin is going to experience some changes as well. Here are some tips on how to transition your routine in order to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Reintroduce Stronger Products & Treatments

Many people like to shelf their retinols and their chemical peels during the warmer months, as heat and sweat tend to make the skin sensitive when using these types of treatments. But now that the brutal heat is behind us, these can be reintroduced and will help greatly in reversing some of the summertime damage (sun damage, clogged pores from sweat, SPF, etc.). Be sure to double check the shelf life of your retinols! Most of them expire between 9-11 months and will be ineffective if they are.

Add Moisture Through Masking

If you haven't been using at home masks, now is a good time to start. Colder, drier air means drier skin. Dry skin looks dull, and can often be tight, itchy and uncomfortable. Using a weekly treatment mask helps keep dryness at bay. Plus, who doesn't love a good mask selfie?!

Use a Thicker Moisturizer

On that note, continue to prevent dryness through moisturizer. The summer months call for something more lightweight that will absorb better so that you don't sweat it off and further clog those pores. But now is the time to swap it out for something thicker, to protect the skin from the harsh air and act as a tougher barrier against moisture loss.

Continue Regular SPF Usage

Something to continue doing during the change of season? Sunscreen. Just because you don't feel the Sun's heat, does not mean the UV rays aren't wreaking havoc. Be sure to continue liberally applying your SPF multiple times throughout the day to avoid damage.

There you have it! The perfect blueprint for all skin types to transition your skin's routine from summer to fall. Be sure to ask your esthetician for product recommendation, as everyone's skin has unique needs. Book your appointment with EC Beauty for more skincare tips and treatments for the fall. Enjoy the next few weeks of pumpkin picking, cozy nights in, and autumn colors putting your best face forward!

Erica Cerpa