Travel vs. Your Skin : How Airplanes Affect Your Glow

If there's one thing our clients love, it's traveling. Our EC Beauties are constantly on the go- traveling for vacations, work, family getaways, bachelorette parties and weddings. But so often they return from their trip in a panic and one common question....what's happening to their skin?

The truth is there are several factors that can pose an issue for your complexion and the best way to beat it is proper care- before, during and after. The whole point of a vacation is to get some relaxation. Make sure you return home looking rested and ready to take on the real world!

Dehydration: As many know, the air on a plane is very different than here on land. This is because it's coming from an air compressor and its recirculated. We might not know exactly what this means in a technical sense, but we do know that when it comes to our skin, this type of air extremely dehydrating. To try to keep those skin cells happy and hydrated, we suggest exfoliating about 3 days before your flight with a light at-home exfoliant and then applying a hydrating mask the night before your travel. Make sure to bring a travel-appropriate hydrating serum and moisturizer on the plane with to apply while in the air. We recommend re-application every 3-4 hours.

Breakouts: The stress of travel might start breaking you out BEFORE you even hit the sky. However, dehydrated skin produces more oil. This added into the mix is a recipe for unwanted breakouts! Even those lucky few that rarely suffer from problematic skin might be in for a zit or two. Make sure to pack a spot treatment in your bag so you can treat your blemish at its first signs. We recommend using a benzoyl peroxide-based product, or for those with allergies, salicylic acid is a good alternative.

SPF: If you're heading to the beach, you probably already have a sunscreen packed but it might not be a bad idea to put one in your carry on as well! Being up in the sky puts you closer to the sun and believe it or not, staring at the clouds from your window can accrue damage to your skin! Be sure to coat on the SPF before you get on the plane to keep your skin protected.

Post-Travel Facial: Book your facial for AFTER your trip. This way, your esthetician can correct any damage done and clean out your pores. Of course, a professional should look at your skin, assess its condition and then make a treatment recommendation. Our favorite for frequent flyers in an oxygenating treatment which detoxifies the skin and adds nutrients for a fresh glow.

Traveling is a treat for the mind and body, so make sure to maintain your skin. You should look as relaxed as you feel when returning. Happy travels!

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